Effective June 2007, the Veterans Administration allows for attorney representation of veterans seeking service-connected disability benefits provided the veteran has filed a claim with his/her regional office and has also filed a Notice of Disagreement within the statutory period.

Issues can involve the existence of a medical condition causing disability, whether or not the condition is related to the service, the amount or percentage of the impairment or disability, and the effective date of the start of benefits.

The Law Offices of John I. Gilman can help the injured veteran obtain service-connected benefits to which he/she is entitled. Legal fees are based upon obtaining an award of past benefits and are normally capped at 20%, payable by the Veterans Administration out of the accrued benefits.

Although we have offices in California and Arizona, we can accept cases nationwide.

Prior to any agreement to accept a case, the veteran should obtain and make available for review by the firm all in-service medical records, including hospital records as well as treatment records for the service-related condition that may have been obtained post-discharge from the service. The attorney will also require a complete claims file.

This area of the law is very complex. You will clearly benefit with the help of an attorney. Please also keep in mind that it will take many months, or perhaps years, for these cases to be resolved.

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